The Scents

We are constantly testing and sourcing new fragrances to be used in our products. We only source fragrances that have clean and sustainable origins all while using premiere ingredients. This attention to detail allows for us to offer candles that have zero toxins and aligns with our mission for sustainability.

Every fragrance that is available for purchase will be listed here and updated as we release new products and collections.

 Oakdale -

Top notes: Citron, Vanilla Orchid, Heliotrope

Middle notes: Amber Mist, Tonka Bean, Palo Santo

Bottom notes: Black Cedar, Guaiacwood, Oakmoss

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Helmdale -

Top notes: Sparkling Cassis, Citron, Cyclamen

Middle notes:  Pine Needle, Winter Rose, Pinecones

Bottom notes: Oakmoss, Blue Spruce, Applewood

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Top notes: Italian Bergamot

Middle notes: Mushroom, Green tea, White Rose

Bottom notes: Oakmoss, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood

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Top notes: White Peppercorn, Clove Bud, Cypress Needle

Middle notes: Christmas Tree, Pine Sap, Pine Cones

Bottom notes: Evergreen, Cedarwood, Fresh Earth

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Palmdale -

Top notes: Coconut Water, Ocean Mist, Vanilla Orchid

Middle notes: Beach Rose, Warm Sand, Crushed Seashells

Bottom notes: Tonka Bean, Driftwood, Musk

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Forestdale -

Top notes: Balsam Fir, Italian Cypress, Crisp Air

Middle notes: Christmas Tree, Pine Sap, Pine Cones

Bottom notes: Evergreen, Cedarwood, Fresh Earth 

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 Scottsdale -

Top notes: Fresh Air, Cyclamen Flower, Cotton Blooms

Middle notes: Brushed Cotton, Dandelion, Damask Rose

Bottom notes: Amber, White Cedar, Sheer Musk

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Glendale -

 Top notes: Whipped Cream, Fluffy Marshmallow, Sugar Crystals

Middle notes:  Buttercream, Heliotrope, Madagascar Vanilla

Bottom notes: Tonka Bean, Brown Sugar, Creamy Musk 

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Top notes: Velvet Rose, Jasmine

Middle notes: Clove, Oud, Patchouli

Bottom notes: Praline, Amber, Musk

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Collab candle-

Top notes: Orange peel, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Wet Moss, Spring Water

Bottom Notes: Sea Salt, Ocean Mist, Musk

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Sunnydale -

Top notes: Orange Peel, Eucalyptus, Lavender

Middle notes: Cypress Needle, Rose Petals, Black Currant

Bottom notes: Jasmine, Oakmoss, Amber, Neroli

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Montedale -

Top notes: Lemon Zest, Vanilla Orchid, Bergamot​

Middle notes: Textured Sherpa, Winter Rose

Bottom notes: Clear Wood, Cacao Beans, Creamy Sandalwood

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