Dale Honeycutt - owner - CandledalesHi there! My name is Dale Honeycutt and the I am the owner and maker of Candledales. I think differently from others, and I'm not saying this out of ego. I am an ADHD, dyslexic, gay man that has Tourette's Syndrome.

Growing Up in the Deep South

I grew up in the deep south where resources aren't readily made available for someone with even just one of these conditions. Having these conditions combined doesn't allow me the luxury of thinking similar to everyone else. I had to battle to learn myself and how I thought in order to excel at anything.

I Ask, "Why?"

I ask, "Why?" a lot because I have to know how something works in order to fully understand it or before I blindly believe something is the truth. Unfortunately, always asking, "Why?" makes for a terrible employee. Employers find this type of worker to be difficult to work with and they typically want someone who is willing to take direction without hesitation. I don't blame employers for this, but it is why employment was not going to be a sustainable option for my life. Thus, after many other failed attempts at self-employment, Candledales was born and is a sustainable business that I thrive in, and hope to inspire other neurodivergent individuals to relate to when life just doesn't seem to get them.

I Aim to Inspire

I hope to be relatable and inspirational for people out there with ADHD, for people with Dyslexia, for other gay men. Most importantly, I hope to be inspirational to people with Tourette's Syndrome. Tourette's isn't a topic the general public knows a lot about and there is almost zero representation in any space. I had no idols to look up to growing up and I hope to be an idol for someone else. 

Starting Candledales

Candledales started after realizing that there was a lack of coconut wax candles on local and national shelves. Coconut wax is derived from... coconuts! I know, shocker. We decided to hand-pour coconut wax candles ourselves to fix this. Coconuts are a sustainable crop and promote reforestation! For this reason, all of our candles are hand-poured using coconut wax in Austin, Texas. We're committed to reforestation efforts! Buying a Candledale not only helps promote crops that incentivize reforestation, we donate to organizations that are actively solving the problem.

Learn more on how we help reforestation here.

We love Austin! Follow us on our socials to see when Candledales will be out in the community. 

Giving Back

We wanted a brand that our customers could be proud to support. When you make a purchase with Candledales, you're not only getting a top quality product, you're also donating to two amazing causes. That is why we are pledging to donate 10% of Candledale profits to these awesome organizations. 

Planting Trees

one tree planted

For every product that is sold, we plant a tree. We are able to make this possible through our partnership with One Tree Planted! They are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help reforestation across the globe. They align with our values of sustainability and are excited to partner with them to plant trees around the world. 

Local LGBTQIA+ Community

Being a gay owned business, we recognize that we have a responsibility to help pave the way to the younger generation so that they may have as many opportunities as possible. What better way to do that than give to one of Austin's local organizations?

Out Youth is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the LGBTQIA+ youth in the Austin area have a safe space where they can learn, socialize, and receive the guidance they need. They offer services to youth of all sexual orientations and gender identity. We're excited to be able to help such an important organization for Austin's queer youth.