Everlasting Impressions From Our Teachers

Teachers have a permanent impression on every single one of us. We spend our childhood years spending countless hours in their classrooms. along With scholastics, they also taught us about life, shared their stories, and made impressions on us that we carry for the rest of our lives. 

Some teachers have a longer lasting impression on us than others, and I want highlight a couple of my favorite teachers growing up for Teacher's Appreciation Day. Read on to learn my favorites…

2 Teachers That Made A Lasting Impression on Me

  1. Sharon Necaise (knee - case) - Mrs. Necaise was my 10th grade English honors teacher as well as film history. I mean, every young gay kid had an english teacher they adored, am I right?! This bad ass woman is not only one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, she is also one of the most kind and influential people. She really cared about kids who were her students and even the kids that weren’t her students. On top of being a phenomonal teacher, she was very personable and excited to teach us every single day. This made me excited to come to her class every day even with English being my least favorite subject. Being dyslexic, English was always hard for me. Unsurprisingly, she’s now doing amazing things for ALL of Louisiana‘s education as the state‘s deputy assistant superintendent.
  2. Dr. Kelvin Jones - Dr. Jones used to be Mr. Jones when he was my band director, but now he has a doctorate in philosophy concentrating in music education. He’s also now the director of the LSU tiger band 🤯 Dr. Jones was my high school band director and boy did this man care about us. He cared about our progression as musicians, he cared about our school work outside of band, and he cared about our personal lives. He was constantly helping kids in need with band supplies with his own money when the kids couldn’t afford it. He was also just an amazing teacher. He took a band program that was second-thought to the parish, and made it into one of the best band programs in the state, and dare I say, country? I mean, we performed with the O’Jays at the Rose Bowl in Memphis‼️He also had a major role in me being the first student from my school to make it to All-State for trumpet. I miss Dr. Jones and I’m so happy he's thriving with his career and his family.
Now, I want it to be stated that I have appreciation and utmost respect for every single one of my teachers that I had through my schooling. I mean, I was an ADHD kid with Tourette's Syndrome barking in class so bless all of them tbh 😂 

Here's the Pitch

Now I want you to reflect on your favorite teachers from your past, or maybe a teacher your child currently has that you know is doing the lord’s work. As Teacher Appreciation Day approaches in May 2nd, be sure to tell them THANK YOU. They are working HARD and not being paid nearly enough. 
And if you want to tell them more than thank you, a Candledale makes a great option 😉
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