Candledales Interview with VoyageAustin

One day, VoyageAustin reached out to me via email wanting to interview me about Candledales. Emails like this excite me because it means my name is getting out there and media wants to share my story! I completed the interview and the story went live yesterday.

The interview included a lot of questions about how Candledales got started and the challenges I face in, not only the business, but in my personal life. It's a great in-depth insight on me as a business owner, and the progression of my career up to the founding of Candledales. 

VoyageAustin is a local media source that highlights food, entertainment, and other stories in the Austin area. VoyageAustin listed my interview under their "Change-Makers: Stores that Inspire" section on their website. I'm listed along with other inspiring stories across Austin.

Be sure to check out the interview! Here's the link: