Are Candles Safe For Dogs?

Candles are a popular way to add ambiance and fragrance to a room, but many pet owners may wonder if they are safe for dogs. The short answer is that while candles are generally safe for dogs, there are a few precautions that pet owners should take to ensure the safety of any furry friend.

Basic Candle Safety

First and foremost, it is important to note that candles should never be left unattended, especially if you have a dog in the house. Dogs can be curious creatures and may accidentally knock over a candle, causing a fire hazard. Additionally, dogs have a keen sense of smell, and certain candle fragrances can be overwhelming for them, causing respiratory irritation or even an allergic reaction. For that reason, it is important to only burn candles with high-quality fragrances that contain no phthalates or paragons so that your dog's nose sensitivity won't be effected.

Natural Ingredients

Picture of my boyfriend holding our corgi, Beckham.

When choosing candles for your home, it is important to select candles made from natural, non-toxic ingredients, such as coconut wax or soy wax. Candledales obviously prefers coconut was for environmental reason, but that is a whole blog post on itself. These types of candles are less likely to contain chemicals that can be harmful to dogs. 

Additionally, it is best to avoid candles with synthetic fragrances and opt for essential oil-based scents instead. Keyword here is essential oil-BASED. Essential oils begin to break down and become toxic once they reach a certain temperature, especially to pets, and become harmful. That is why you should avoid candles that use pure essential oils for scent. 

Another feature that makes candles safe for dogs is a lead-free wick. Every wick in a Candledale is 100% cotton. 

Candle Placement in your Space

In addition, it's important to consider the placement of candles in your home. If you have a dog that likes to jump on furniture, or is very prone to the zoomies, it's best to keep candles on high surfaces or in areas where your dog cannot reach them. It's also a good idea to place candles on stable surfaces. 

Picture of me and my corgi Beckham


Candles can be very safe for dogs as long as pet owners take a few precautions, most of which anyone burning a candle should be taking anyway. Always ensure to never leave candles unattended, opt for natural, non-toxic candles with high quality fragrances, trim your wicks to 1/4th inch, and be mindful of the placement of candles in your home.

In this blog post, I've discussed about the safety of candles for dogs, how to choose the right candle, and how to ensure their safety around your furry friend. I hope this information will help you to enjoy candles while keeping your dog safe. Let's all strive to create a beautiful and safe environment for our four-legged companions.

As a pet owner myself, I want to make sure our furry friends are safe and comfortable, and by being aware of the potential hazards of candles, we can do just that. So, go ahead and light up those Candledales, but always remember to keep your dog's safety in mind.